Urgent: Medical Treatment Needed for Rescued Dogs & Cats

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Give hope and health to dogs and cats who have suffered years of abuse! Please help now!

 An animal hoarding case in South Carolina is the stuff of nightmares. Conditions on the scene brought First Responders to tears. Cats confined to hamster cages. Dogs confined to outdoor kennels, overgrown with weeds, behind bars that had not been opened in years.

First Responders waded through squalor inside the house and across the yard, freeing those poor dogs and cats still alive from cramped, filthy cages. Thirty-one (31) cats and forty-two (42) dogs all wear the physical and emotional scars of years of neglect and abuse: heartworm parasites in nearly every dog, all medical, nutrition, social, and exercise needs unmet. Those who lived through this nightmare are now learning how to interact with people and how to literally move freely, without severe confinement. While each one is making progress, Angels of Assisi needs your help to cover the enormous medical and behavioral care these pets need while they recover from their years-long ordeal. Help us erase the scars of the past for these survivors!

Angels of Assisi seeks to change the traditional definition of an animal shelter by offering services and programs to benefit the community, the people that live there, and the pets they love.

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