Clean Childbirth Kits for Mothers in Developing Nations

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For women in poverty-stricken areas of the world where sterile, reliable medical equipment is unavailable, clean childbirth equipment can literally mean the difference between life and death.

A donation of just $15 through this Gift That Gives More™ provides three birth and maternity kits for mothers-to-be in Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, Lesotho or Sierra Leone. The birth kits contain exam gloves, razors, umbilical cord clamp, sterile gauze, washcloth, and soap or antibacterial wipes.

Update from the Field
June 2016

PIH began working in West Africa in 2014, when Ebola was tearing through the region. A woman named Mariama was treated for Ebola at a PIH Ebola Treatment Unit and survived. Soon after Mariama recovered, she became pregnant, and needed the long-term services that PIH had begun to provide. With support from PIH midwives, Mariama experienced a very healthy pregnancy, receiving prenatal care at the Wellbody Clinic, which has provided quality health care to women and infants in the surrounding community since 2008 and is now supported by PIH. When it was time for Mariama to deliver, her Social Protection Case Manager accompanied her to the clinic, instead of delivering her baby at home, where it would have been difficult to address urgent complications. Staff at the clinic were able to take the necessary steps to assure a dignified and safe delivery. Mariama delivered a healthy baby boy in June of 2016.

Partners In Health (PIH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. Through service, training, advocacy, and research, and by establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations, PIH strives to achieve two overarching goals: to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair.

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