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Zach & Zoë Sweet Bee Farm Raw Honey

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Wildflower with Raspberry Wildflower with Blueberry Wildflower with Ginger Root Buckwheat Wildflower Beetroot Matcha Lavender Creamed Lemon Wildflower Bee Pollen Wildflower Honeycomb

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Made with organic single ingredients, like blueberry, ginger, lavender, lemon, and more -- each jar of raw wildflower honey is packed with delicious flavor, and is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Healthy, sweet, and made in the U.S.A.!

  • Glass jar
  • Honey Jar: 16 oz
  • Honeycomb 20 oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Bee Pollen Ingredients: Bee pollen.

Buckwheat Ingredients: Raw honey from buckwheat flowers.

Wildflower Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey.

Creamed Wildflower Ingredients: Creamed Wildflower honey is a blend of many flowers gathered at different times of the year.

Wildflower with Beetroot Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic beetroot.

Wildflower with Blueberry Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic blueberry.

Wildflower with Ginger Root Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic ginger root powder, & vegan citric acid.

Wildflower with Lavender Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic lavender.

Wildflower with Lemon Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic lemon.

Wildflower with Matcha Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic ceremonial grade Japanese matcha green tea, cane sugar.

Wildflower with Raspberry Ingredients: Raw wildflower honey, organic raspberry.

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Zach & Zoë Sweet Bee Farm was founded while Summer and Kam Johnson were trying to find a more natural treatment for their son’s seasonal allergies and asthma. After learning that raw local honey can have immunotherapy uses, they started frequenting local beekeepers for raw honey. They started implementing raw local honey into their diets.

By simply ingesting that honey regularly, they noticed that their son, Zach was experiencing an improvement in his allergy symptoms. They grew more curious about the uses of honey and its production, and over time decided to start beekeeping themselves. Summer and Kam knew they wanted to approach beekeeping the right way – no pesticides, no additives, just pure raw honey from the bees that they nurture and support. This is how their business, named for their two children Zach & Zoë, was born.

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