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Needed Most Fund


SKU: S- NMF-010 was created in 1999 with a mission to help heal the world through the simple actions of our supporters: shopping for unique products that also give back, donating directly via Gifts That Give More™, and staying engaged with the cause via our free "click-to-give," blog, and petition platforms.

The Needed Most Fund is a further extension of our desire to positively impact people, pets and the planet. For every dollar contributed to the Needed Most Fund, 100% will go to charity programs in the U.S.A. and overseas working on important initiatives close to our hearts.

Each month, we will select three critical projects in immediate need of financial support and distribute Needed Most Fund resources to boost the efforts of those organizations in ways that have lasting significance.

Projects we expect to fund over the next few years include:

  • Saving the lives of mothers and babies through clean child birth
  • Sending aid after natural disasters
  • Providing much-needed supplies for an animal shelter
  • Awarding scholarships to young women in impoverished countries
  • Providing funds to send disadvantaged students to the University of Minnesota through the George Perry Floyd Jr. Scholarship.
  • Funding dedicated breast cancer researchers
  • Preserving wild acreage to protect endangered wildlife
  • Feeding impoverished children
  • Supporting homeless veterans.

When you support the Most Needed Fund, you're joining a legacy of charitable giving that includes more than $60 million distributed to charitable causes, with millions of dollars additionally contributed in the form of in-kind product donations.

Thank you so much for supporting the Needed Most Fund, these donations literally save lives!

All Needed Most Fund expenditures are made consistent with the mission of to help people, pets, and the planet. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of these funds.

Because these pass-through donations are not earmarked until the end of the month, this is not a tax-deductible contribution and it is not possible to provide you a tax receipt with your donation. Donor names will not be shared with

Customer Reviews

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Great quality, variety & donations!

I love that my purchases donate every time I shop at GreaterGood. Items are always good variety and good quality. I love that you make it so easy to donate without even thinking about it with every single item. Thank you for all you do to help so many in need. This is our most recent rescue. A backyard breeder threw her away like trash when she was no longer useful to them. Their loss. She is the sweetest little dog ever! 💜🐾🐾💜

practical idea

very grateful for this option - lets me give a bit more while I'm shopping, easy to use and affordable

Easy to do...

I tend to “add up” at Walmart, Job Lots, Walgreen’s—places that encourage you to make a small donation after your purchase. It’s not a lot, but if everyone does it. I feel the same way here. When I buy something, I can always add on two bucks. It’s only a little buy if everyone who can does it, it can make a difference.

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